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ALL IN ONE!!! Pond Filter+13w UV+Fountain - CUP 139

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ALL IN ONE!!! Pond Filter+13w UV+Fountain - CUP 139

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The All Pond Solutions All-in-One System combines everything required to to run a healthy algae-free small-sized pond. Designed as a single smart unit with a single power cable it allows for a much easier installation compared to a standard small-pond set up.


Our CUP-139 Pond System has a built-in 13w UVC Lamp and a built-in filtration system eliminating the need to purchase an external filtration system, which can be difficult to integrate around the landscaping of a small pond. 
This system is also supplied with a high-quality fountain attachment set comprising of four different fountain attachments, ideal for a variety of displays in your pond. The set also includes a splitter, enabling you to divert water to a waterfall, for example, and both the splitter and fountain are flow-rate adjustable. This gives you total control over the strength of your fountain and the volume of water diverted from the unit. 

Operation Guidelines: 

Water enters around the middle and the end of the unit, passing through 
Maifan Stones and Coarse Filter Foam 
The water is then passed over the 13w UV Light 
Prior to exiting, the water passes through some additional fine filter-foam and 
leaves via the supplied fountain and / or external feature, or simply back into your pond. 


* Recommended for use in Ponds up to 9000L 
* Water Pump and UV Sterilizer Included 
* Water Fountain Included with Angle-adjustment Feature 
* UV ON/OFF Light Indication around the centre of the system 


* Pump Power: 28w 
* voltage: 230v 50Hz 
* Output:1000 Litres per Hour 
* Height max: 1.4m 
* Max Depth of Use: 200cm / 78" 
* Max Depth for Fountain Use: 525mm / 20" 
* UV Power: 13w 
* Power Cord: 4.5meter 
* Outlet fits 20mm and 25mm Hose / 0.8" and 1" 
* Dimensions: 350 x 105 x 95mm / 13" x 4" x 3.7" 
* FREE 12 Months Warranty