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Swimming Pool Pump-1.0HP -- SMP 100

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Swimming Pool Pump-1.0HP -- SMP 100

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Look no further. The SMP Pro Series 750w swimming pool pump provides a huge 18,600 litres/hour throughput flow rate and is a snack to install. Designed for permanent installation, the SMP series offers the very best in Set-n-Forget pool maintenance.


The SMP series is constructed with longevity in mind and employs extensive use of corrosion proof materials resistant to the elements along with all chemicals commonly associated with pool maintenance. The SMP100 can refresh up to a 90,000 Litre pool in less than 5 hours, making it ideal for most NZ backyards. 

The SMP series pool pump is designed to work in harmony with both your filtering unit and pool cleaner and will power along throughout the day. The fine filter basket ensures debris does not enter the pump, ensuring trouble free operation and extended life of filter sand. 

In fact, we're so confident in the build quality and electronic smarts, we offer a full 24 months warranty as we're sure this will be the unit still powering on in years to come. 

Whether you're updating an existing unit or completing a new installion, choosing an SMP Series means year round peace of mind. Enjoy your pool and let SMP100 take care of the rest. 

Product Description: 

Excellent Flow rate : Max flow rate of 18600L/hr or 310L/ min 
Suitable for All Pools including Salt, Chorine, Inground and Above Ground 
Corrosion Resistant Marine Grade Cast Iron Motor Housing 
Chemical-resistant thermoplastic filter cartridge tank body 
Tough durable construction for longer lasting life 
Removable lint and hair trap/ filter with easy see-thru twist on cover 
Built-In Thermal Protection 
Instruction manual for ease of use. 
Comes with O-Ring seals 

Rated Power: 750W / 1.0HP 
Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz 
Max. Pump Rate: 18600L/hr or 310L/ min 
Max. Head: 14.5m 
Connection fittings are supplied to suit std 40mm ID Pressure pipework or 48mm OD 
Product Size : 50cm(L) x 25cm(W) x 30cm(H) 
Weight: 11 Kg 

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