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1100w Submersible Sewage Pump- Grinder -- V1100DF

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1100w Submersible Sewage Pump- Grinder -- V1100DF

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This submersible sewage pump offers an impressive pumping capacity of 19,000 litres per hour – keeping you high and dry, come hell or high water. Featuring industry-standard components, it provides flawless operation even in the toughest conditions. So, keep the sewage and flash floods at bay and order your pump today!



Submersible pump with cutter is an ideal machine for draining sewage. A high-speed rotating cutter is assembled at the inlet hole of the pump, make it easy to cut off long-fibre and firm sundries contained in the sewage, so as to avoid the impeller is blocked by the entanglement. It is suitable for draining sewage in sanitation, factory, mine and family. 

The float switch can automatically control on and off with the change of the liquid level. The protector in the motor can automatically cut off the power when it overheated or overloaded. 

This Pump is suitable for: 

• Small grey water pits 
• Pool, Spa and tank emptying 
• Bio cycles – such as underground sewage pits 
• Waste water 
• Sump or Pit draining 
• Grey Water 
• Nuisance / Flash Flooding 
• Water Transfer 
• Drainage 
• Ponds and Water Features 

• Motor power rated: 1100w 
• Voltage: 240V 
• Frequency: 50Hz 
• Delivery flow: 300Litre/min 
• Pressure height: 10.5m 
• Outlet: 50mm 

1 Year Warranty 

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